Minimal Meditation


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The perfect way to start your morning off clear-minded.

This unguided meditation is perfect for anyone looking for minimal background music to accompany their daily practice. With three different lengths to allow you to choose the time that best fits your schedule.

The main tracks include cues to help keep track of time or as a way to catch your thoughts from drifting. If these cues are unnecessary or unwanted, there is a second version of each with cues only at the beginning and end of the meditation. The majority of each track is an unobtrusive binaural soundscape.

I hope you find these as useful in your practice as I have

1. Five Minute Meditation
2. Five Minute Meditation (no cues)
3. Ten Minute Meditation
4. Ten Minute Meditation (no cues)
5. Fifteen Minute Meditation
6. Fifteen Minute Meditation (no cues)

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